Sound-Aerial-Concert on Saturday 30th March in Ismaning

Last Friday, the 22nd March the small but excellent special exhibition “Bird’s-eye-view” was opened at the Schlossmuseum in Ismaning near Munich, showing about 50 aerials.

It will be open for visitors until 19th May 2019. About one third of the aerials are from Ismaning, the others are from any other places in Bavaria.

As additional event, there will take place the Sound-Aerial-Concert on Saturday 30th March at the Culture- and Educational Centre Seidl-Mühle (Mühlenstraße 15) in Ismaning. (Admission fee: 10 Euro).

The musicians Stefan Amannsberger (guitar) and Stefan Waldner (percussion) are playing music to our aerials.

There have already been some similar concerts at other places, some of them were even sold out. The musical evening just flies by and is great fun.

We are always looking forward to interested visitors.

Ausstellung "Vogelperspektive" Luftbilder von Klaus Leidorf