About Klaus Leidorf

& his life in aerial photography
Klaus Leidorf

Born: 5th June 1956 in Bonn, Germany

Studies: 1976 to 1983 protestant theology and pre- and early history in Bonn and Marburg

Profession: 1983 – 1985 scientific assistant at the University of Marburg

1985 – 1989 employee at the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments from

Since 1989 freelance aerial archaeologist with the focus on Bavaria

Photographer – Pilot – Aerial Archaeologist

Already in his childhood Klaus Leidorf enjoyed taking photographs from all kind of perspectives – that this is going to be his profession one day he would not think of yet. He studied protestant theology, but realized soon that this is not what he wants to do his whole life. So he changed the subject to pre- and early history.

After his studies he worked at the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and after two years there was the possibility to continue the aerial archaeology for Bavaria. Therefor he got his pilot license and from the late 80ies on, his workplace is several hundred meters above ground in a Cessna 172.

Klaus with his Cessna 172

Some thousand archaeological sites were documented through his photographs and also new ones discovered. During the years he also noticed the changing landscapes mainly manmade which he documented with his photos up to today. Next to a few renaturation projects it is unfortunately the extremely rising land consumption which can be well documented from above.

Started as a by-product, today an international sought after wall decoration, Klaus Leidorf creates new fascinating artistic images with every flight. From the most atmospheric scenes through special incidence of light – via snapshots of the city and country life, to very abstract images giving the viewer a riddle.

Customers from all over the world are delighted by his works – among others presented on all important international art fairs by Roy Seifert from the art gallery Contempop (Tel Aviv/New York).

Also different customers from the media industry are interested in the work of Klaus Leidorf – reaching from images for advertising campaigns, to documentary films and radio broadcasts about his work, up to picture books with different publishing houses. Architects also like to use his photo material as enrichment for their projects.

Furthermore there are exhibitions taking place regularly which capture the people’s imagination with selected themes with Klaus Leidorf’s work.

Klaus at work (with German TV crew on board)

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